Beach Dog

by Beach Dog

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released December 6, 2015


tags: punk Miami


all rights reserved


Beach Dog Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Oceans
Drown me in the deepest darkest ocean.
I've been so down since your fucking mouth opened.
Oh please believe that I'm the one who's telling the truth.
When all you gave was a bullshit excuse.
Track Name: The Difference Between Pepsi & Coke
I've been thinking up a well planned excuse
just to call you and hear your voice again.
this whole week has been nothing but hell
because all of my anxieties got the best of me.

I know that I fucked up.
I know that these words wont change a thing.
I've been keeping track of the days of the week
I feel like shit.
Just be honest and tell me what's up
because it's been a while since I've
had any luck.
I've been holding my breath waiting
for something to change.

I'm on on this drawn out road again.
Where the street lights see no end.
Kendall drive just seems so empty
at 3 in the morning.
Well I'd rather be out here than at home.
Track Name: Pallet Town
It's rained everyday since May.
You call to see if I'm okay,
But nothings changed.
All I want to do
is spend each morning here with you.
It's nothing new.
The sun is shining in your eyes.
I feel at peace here by your side.
It feels nice.

Tell me there's no secrets left to keep.
Cause I'm drowning in water 10 feet deep.
Track Name: Cheap Beer & Solo Cups
I can never love you
as much as I hate myself.
Bury me 6 feet deep
then maybe I'll find some sleep.

Tell me I'm not alone.
I'me feeling shame deep in my bones.
Lessons learned from the t.v
were long gone by 17.

I'm an addict for attention,
I'm looking for my fix.
All the late nights that I spent
Trying to drink myself to death
all lead up to another night
passing out all alone in my bed.