Bummer Vacation

by Beach Dog

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released March 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Beach Dog Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Lemon Shot Disco
Track Name: Pick Up The Phone
I dont really wanna stay inside
I just wanna do something with my day.
But when my friends send me their invites
I start to panic and then I say that
the city's too far and
gas isnt cheap I'll
just lie in my bed for
a couple of weeks.
It's not that I'm lonely.
Im not feeling sad.
Im just doing the best with
What I have.

Not much to really do
besides get high but it's nothing new.
I've tried calling all my friends
but I forget they're all headed west now.
My friends all left and
Im stuck in the wreckage.
my head's feeling empty.
Im feeling dumb.
Everyone's somewhere
They wanna be and
Im starting to think that
Its time to move on.

Well maybe I like being by myself.
Track Name: Holding Hands
I just want to be with you
holding hands like lovers do.
take our time and take things slow.
This is how it's supposed to be.
every night when I go to sleep
those brown eyes are in my dreams.

You always linger in my head.
Every word you ever said.
You're my queen and Im your man.
I'll show the sights.
Just take my hand.
Track Name: Shell City
I know that I'm not doing fine
but I know that I will survive.
At the end of the tunnel theres always a light
At the end of the tunnels where we"ll say goodbye.

and now youre back
and I feel like shit.
So im gonna need you to stay away.
You know that I love you
but that doesnt mean
that you get to come back here
whenever you please.
I'm aware that emotions
were never your thing
and I know theres a hole where
your heart use to be.
so why dont you leave and
just leave me alone.
I'm trying to get out and away from this hole
that you made me dig,
but I cant. I've tried. I'm tired of this.
Track Name: Take It Easy
I'm wasting away.
I think I'll just stay in bed all day.
Or walk around
and try to see all the better parts of town.

It's in my head that I
feel better every now and then.
Will I be just fine?

Been feeling okay
maybe its all the chemicals in me.
What's left to do?
maybe I'll pour another drink or two.

I dont know where the summer's gone.
All I know is that I'm having fun.